Topeka Inn Management Introduces... (1979)

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Front Cover

The Topeka Inn Management Introduces... brochure was published in 1979 as a way of informing the public of their recent business endeavor with Pizza Time Theatre Incorporated, which would later be abandoned once Bob Brock discovered the existence of Aaron Fechter.

The brochure would go on to state the history of Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza Time Theatre and inform readers on the future of the franchise deal.


Around 1979, Pizza Time Theatre Incorporated headed by Nolan Bushnell, signed a co-development deal with Topeka Inn Management, a leader in the lodging and food industry, headed by Bob Brock. Shortly after Topeka Inn Management would form a division of their company to suite this new deal titled Pizza Show-Biz Incorporated, which would shortly after publish a brochure with their newly formed deal with Pizza Time Theatre Incorporated, which would speak the benefits of the 2 companies collaborating.