Uncle Klunk (Animatronic)

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Uncle Klunk was traveling animatronic produced by Creative Engineering Inc. as part of the Rock-afire Explosion animatronics. He was designed to travel between store locations, temporary replacing Rolfe and Earl on stage right.

Uncle Klunk Animatronic

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Stage (unfinished)

Uncle Klunk performed on stage right temporary replacing Rolfe and Earl. During the installation, there would be many modifications and changed made to his stage. Rolfe's rainbow, floor lights, and cymbal stand were removed. The existing black carpet would be pulled up and replaced with a brown one. Based on its previous location on the stage, Rolfe's trap door would sometimes have to be relocated. A new one would be cut, and the old one would be secured shut. Klunk would be mounted towards the left side of stage right with a guest chair on right. A small side table would sit between them holding a prop telephone and fruit bowl. The rain curtain and applause sign would be left in place, but the front of the applause sign would be replaced with one that said "On The Air". In addition, a portrait of Klunk's Mother, and an animatronic Coo-Coo Clock would be mounted to the back wall, as well as a TV Camera prop would be hung from the drop ceiling.

Abomination Sign

A new valance would be hung reading "The Uncle Klunk". A sign behind the valance would drop down reading "Abomination." A wooden banner board would need to be mounted, which let the valance be able to be hung farther infront of the curtain. This gave enough space for the Abomination sign to rest between the curtain track and valance. The Abomination sign was constructed out of a wood frame, and would be visible when lowered down right below the valance. The mechanism to control the sign consisted of a Tol-o-Matic cylinder, an was very similar to the mechanisms that raised the Sun and Moon.

Coo-Coo Clock

The Coo-Coo Clock prop hung on the back wall, and contained an animatronic bird named Click, or sometimes known as Murray D. Bird. Click had two movements, one that opened his mouth, and one that pushed him forward and out of the clock. The airlines for these movements would run down the wall and under the stage where they would be controlled from valve 28 and 29 on Klunk's valve bank. The clock additionally had motorized clock hands which were plugged into the Special Effect One outlet, which previously controlled the Red Floor Lights next to the Rainbow.

Design (unfinished)

Klunk was one of the most sophisticated animatronics designed by Creative Engineering, containing 27 movement as well a multiple animated stage props.


Klunk's valve bank drives 30 movements including 27 for the figure, and 3 for other stage props.

Uncle Klunks's Movements:

1 Mouth
2 Left Ear
3 Right Ear
4 Left Lid Up
5 Left Lid Down
6 Right Lid Up
7 Right Lid Down
8 Eyes Left
9 Eyes Right
10 Head Up
11 Head Left
12 Head Right
13 Left Arm Swing
14 Left Arm Raise
15 Left Arm Twist
16 Left Elbow
17 Left Wrist Twist
18 Left Wrist Out
19 Thumb
20 Right Arm Raise
21 Right Arm Wrist
22 Right Elbow
23 Right Wrist
24 Left Foot Wiggle
25 Chair Turn Left
26 Chair Turn Right
27 Chair Lean

Prop Movements

28 Coo-Coo Bird Mouth
29 Coo-Coo Clock Open
30 Abomination Sign Drop

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