Unnamed Chuck E. Cheese Documentary

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The Unnamed Chuck E. Cheese Documentary is a potentially cancelled 2022 documentary that was set to detail Chuck E. Cheese's, and later its fandom.[1]


The documentary is cited as going over the general history of Pizza Time Theatre and Chuck E. Cheese's. Additional focus is supposed to be on the notable members of the animatronic community.

Multiple people have confirmed to have been interviewed:

  • Nolan Bushnell
  • Joseph Keenan
  • Gene Landrum
  • Gabe Vasquez

Travis Schafer and Matt Rivera were also planned to be interviewed, but currently it hasn't happened.


The documentary started work sometime in 2019 by a currently unknown production company. They began contacting for interviews around early 2020. CEC Corporate was asked around this time if they wanted to be involved, but due to the company's at the time bankruptcy filing, they declined.

Interviews were set up and filmed with Nolan Bushnell, Joseph Keenan, and Gene Landrum sometime between 2020 and 2022.

Around the start of 2020 notable members of the animatronic fandom were contacted- Travis Schafer and Matt Rivera. They then also referred to Gabe Vasquez as another potential interviewee. Talks with the fandom members led to potentially filming a section of the documentary around the next Chuck E. Con fan convention, though due to COVID-19, these plans fell through. Additionally, multiple attempts were made to interview Travis and Matt up to May 2022, but these fell through too.

At the same time Gabe would be interviewed by the team. Gabe and Matt would also plan to supply the production studio with video and audio they had collected from their previous partnerships with CEC Corporate. Gabe attempted to talk with the production company at the time to remove Travis and another fandom member, David Ferguson, from the documentary. It is unclear if this was pre-emptive, or of David was already in talks with the studio. The company however declined Gabe's requests.

By June of 2022, the studio stopped all contact with members involved. It is unclear if the documentary is still in production, or if it was cancelled.