Waldo (Animatronic)

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Waldo (Animatronic) 


Units Produced: 2
Release Date: 1978
Manufacturer: Creative Engineering


Waldo was created for the Bear Country Jubilee which would be sold to Morey's Piers and Americana Amusement Park.


Waldo along with the Bear Country Jubilee show was developed from 1977 - 1978. One show would be sold to Americana Amusement Park in Monroe, Ohio. The current whereabouts of the show is unknown. A 2nd show was sold to Morey's Piers in Wildwood, New Jersey. This show was sold back to CEI in 1984[1] and currently resides at the CEI museum.


In his design at Americana Amusement Park, he wore a black bowler hat and yellow tie with red polka dots. At Morey's Piers, he wore a blue tie with small yellow polka dots and a white and blue striped vest. He also carried a rubber chicken in his right hand.


Due to lack of footage or photos of internals, movements can only be inferred. All that is known is that he along with the rest of the bots in the show had very limited movement.

  • Mouth
  • Left eyelid
  • Right eyelid
  • Head left
  • Head right
  • Head up
  • Head down
  • Left elbow
  • Right elbow
  • Left arm twist
  • Right arm twist