Weber Bicentennial Time Machine Show

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The Bicentennial Time Machine Show was a show made for Weber by Creative Presentations Inc. to advertise Weber Outdoor Grills. This show had three characters, those being Kettle II the Charcoal Powered Computer, Weber Wabbit the troublemaker, and Professor Stephens a stumblebum professor.[1] The show would consist of the professor trying to get his computer to work while Weber Wabbit assumably kept causing trouble, and also spouted random facts about US Presidents throughout the show.[2] At the end of each show, an 80 dollar weber grill (worth $432.11 as of 2024)[3] would be given out to a random audience member.[4] This was a travelling show, but it's main premiere seems to have been in the Ford City Shopping Center in Illinois[5] with another showing being in Lafayette Square in Indiana.[6]