Winchester Foxy Colleen (Animatronic)

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Winchester Foxy Colleen (Animatronic) 


Units Produced: 1
Release Date: October 1978
Manufacturer: Fantasy Forest


Winchester Foxy Colleen was an animatronic produced by Fantasy Forest in October 1978 for the Pizza Time Theatre on San Jose, CA (370 S Winchester Blvd) as the third PTT guest star, Foxy Colleen. The bot was used until 1981, when Winchester received Cyberamics.


The Bot was installed in October of 1978 replacing Winchester Madam Oink for the Foxy Colleen I Showtape. They were the final Fantasy Forest Guest Star to be installed at Winchester, & the last Fantasy Forest bot installed at Winchester in general. The Bot was put in the "The Great All-American pizza Show" Brochure in 1979[1]. As with other Winchester bots, her whereabouts after 1980 are unknown but she was most likely sent to Sunnyvale after being uninstalled. After the bankruptcy in 1983 Foxy Colleen was presumably destroyed.


She had long brown hair, a small green top hat with a black stripe and white 3 leaved clovers surrounding the stripe, light brown eyes, a white shirt, white necklaces around her left wrist similar to Winchester Madam Oink's, a green skirt with another 3 leaved clover on the front of it, a felt clover sticking out of her skirt, and a microphone mounted to her base like V2 Winchester Chuck and Winchester Madam Oink.


It's unknown what movements The Bot had at this time, but we do know they had a Eye movement, Mouth Movement, & Left Arm Raise.