YouTooz Classic Chuck E. Cheese Plush

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YouTooz Classic Chuck E. Cheese Plush 


Manufacturer: Youtooz


Color: Red, Yellow, Tan, Black, White, Gray

The YouTooz Classic Chuck E. Cheese Plush is an upcoming plush of Chuck E. Cheese in his classic outfit from Pizza Time Theatre.[1]


The plush was first announced on July 6th at 3:40pm EST on Youtooz's TikTok account in a video showing the front and back of the plush, with the CEC song "Pumpkins in my pockets" playing.[1]

On July 10th, Youtooz would confirm in an AMA that the plush would be releasing in its own singular wave, and that more plushies were planned for the future.[2]

On the 15th they would release a promotional advertisement for their various franchises in a parody poster of the movie Shrek. This would feature Chuck, Monty Gator from Five Nights at Freddy's, Ramona Flowers from Scott Pilgrim, and the V-tuber Chibidoki.[3]

On the 16th they would confirm the plush would be shipping worldwide, being one of the few pieces of merchandise of its time to be directly available outside of the US.[4]


The design features Chuck E. Cheese in his classic Pizza Time Theatre red vest, yellow shirt, and red derby hat attire. His shirt features two black buttons and a bowtie. On the back of the vest features yellow lettering saying "THE ''E'' STANDS FOR ENTERTAINMENT". His notable rat tail is present as well. The plush is posed sitting down in a neutral position, with Chuck smiling and his eyelids half closed.