"Chuckfeld" (Must C TV Award)

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Chuckfeld is a "Must C TV" parody poster released in 1998, it is a parody of Seinfeld.

"Chuckfeld" (Must C TV Award) 


Release Date: 1998
Manufacturer: Corman & Associates


Text:Hey ! !


This features Chuck E. in a red cap and a Jerry Seinfeld outfit, stating "Hey!! What's up with that?"

This also features non-disguised George Costanza, Elaine Benes, and Cosmo Kramer in the audience.


Like the other "Must C TV" posters, this was made larger than actual TV posters, so it'd be cheaper and easier to retrofit the Phase 2 "record posters" with them.


The poster originally received generally positive reception upon release, however, as time passed, it began to get a more negative reception, with many critics of the Original Phase Trilogy using this as a literal poster child for showing how dated pre-2005 Chuck E. Cheese's stores are. Nowadays, it does have a cult following, either due to how absurd the poster is, or due to the 90s nostalgia boom.