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  • May 31st - The site is mentioned by The Charlotte Ledger in a news article.[1]
  • May 26th - New admin Stripes fixes many CSS problems with the wiki for a better look. CirrusSearch, AdvancedSearch, and RelatedArticles extensions enabled by Miraheze Stewards.
  • May 24th - The wiki hits 1500 articles.
  • May 22nd - ''Advanced Animations", "AVG Technologies", "VP Animations", "Hofmann Figuren", and "Unknown Manufacturers" sections begin being worked on.
  • May 2nd- Creative Presentations section added to homepage
  • April 29th - Browser extension Indie Wiki Buddy adds CEP as the overwriting site for the CEC Fandom Wiki.
  • January 24th - "Creative Presentations" sections begin being worked on.


  • December 18th - Added auto-updating ranking of top 5 users in past 30 days to the main page.
  • November 27th - "Sally Corp" section added to the front page tabs.
  • November 2nd - The wiki's front page changes to have a "Home" tab instead of information being under the logo.
  • October 23rd - Miraheze updates the wiki to Mediawiki 1.40, moving all sidebars to hidden menus and decluttering the pages.
  • July 8th - The wiki begins its first community project for contributing to specific wiki sections: Store Fixtures of the Artifact Shelves & 1990s Major Remodel
  • July 4th - The wiki hits 1000 articles.
  • June 19th - First non CEC/SPP/PTT/CEI article created going over DACS, though isn't integrated into site navigation yet.
  • April 18th - Media Viewer and Popup extensions enabled for easier browsing of the site.
  • April 17th - Community votes on wiki name change to "Cheese-E-Pedia" to avoid trademark violations.
  • March 31st - Removed Mobile Frontend to align layout to the PC experience for mobile users.
  • February 5th - The site receives a massive design overhaul, cleaning up the front page, adding tabs, and setting site colors to a deep blue. Sections for FECs and retrofitted animatronic shows are also added for users to contribute to.
  • February 3rd - The wiki reaches 700 articles.


  • December 31st - Wiki host Miraheze merges November pages back into Chuck-E-Pedia, successfully bringing back the wiki in full.
  • December 19th - Wiki host Miraheze confirms the lost pages from November are recovered and will be implemented soon.
  • December 16th - An incorporation of Joe Lewis' token and ticket identification standard is added to the wiki.
  • December 5th - Infoboxes, thumbnail embeds, and other styling is set in the site's design standards.
  • November 30th - The flower-styled icon is applied to the site design.
  • November 29th - A backup from August 2022 is restored and the Wiki goes back online.
  • November 22nd - The Wiki's flower-styled icon is designed.
  • November 20th - The Wiki's Discord Server reaches 1000 members.
  • November 17th - Wiki host Miraheze loses all files to the wiki, and the site goes offline.
  • October 7th - The Wiki's complete flower-styled logo is designed and added to the site.
  • September 5th - A preliminary logo is added to the site's design.
  • August 21st - The Wiki's first major lost media search, that being of the 1979 Pizza Time Theatre Ad, commences.
  • July 14th - Early opening of Wiki to the public. Site name changes finally to "Chuck-E-Pedia"
  • July 10th - Announcement of public unveiling on July 17th.
  • February 18th - Wiki name changes to "Chuck E. Encyclopedia"


  • November 28th - Wiki goes live as "Decode-Document-Digitize Wiki". Visibility set to private.