Chuck E. Cheese Baby Pony (1989)

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Chuck E. Cheese Baby Pony (1989) 


Release Date: 1989
Manufacturer: Hasbro


Dimensions: 1.5"x2.5"x1"
Color: Dark Pink, Blue, White
Label:Chuck E. Cheese
Label:My Little Pony®
Label:Age Code. 3 & Up Made in China

The Chuck E. Cheese Baby Pony was a Chuck E. Cheese branded My Little Pony Baby Pony toy available at the prize counter from 1989 to an unknown date.


The pony used the 1984 Baby Pony mold from the Play & Care Sets line.[1] The body used the standard Dark Pink color, and the hair with a blue color. The eyes were painted green, and the rump design (later colloquially referred to as a Cutie Mark)[2][3] was white line art of a standard Chuck E. Cheese artwork with white text below it reading "Chuck E. Cheese"- taken from the Pizza Time Theatre logo.

The pony came in a plastic My Little Pony branded bag with no other accessories. This is similar to the Mail Order Ponies that were available which came in unlabeled plastic bags, causing later confusion that the CEC pony was also mail order.[4]


Like most of the Generation 1 ponies, a metal washer was used to hold the tail in place. Over time this washer can rust and degrade, covering the interiors and staining around the tail hole. This requires the head to be unglued, the inside cleaned, the tail washed, the washer replaced with a non-degradable alternative such as a zip tie or a knot, and the head sealed back.