January 2002 Show

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January 2002 Show

Release Date: January 2002

Released On:

SVHS (3-Stage)
SVHS (R12 '93+)
DVD + Floppy (Studio C)


Duncan Brannan - Voice of Chuck E. Cheese
Annagrey Wiechman - Voice of Helen Henny
John Bowen - Voice of Mr. Munch
Jeremy Blaido - Director, Voice of Jasper, Polka Minute Announcer, Will Frye
Earl Fisher - Voice of Pasqually The Chef
Robert Gotcher - Production Manager
Matt Daniel - Production Coordinator, Show Announcer
Ryan Hollingsworth - Hank Howdy

January 2002 Show was a show that released in January of 2002 at Chuck E. Cheese's locations.

Show List

  1. Segment 1
    1. "Walking On Sunshine"
    2. "Dancing In The Street"
  2. Intermission 1
    1. Pasqually's Polka Minute
    2. VeggieTales - "The Song Of The Cebu"
    3. CEC TV ID - "Marx Bros"
  3. Segment 2
    1. "La Bamba"
    2. "Last Train To Clarksville"
  4. Intermission 2
    1. CEC TV ID - "Couch"
    2. Eddie Coker - "Life Is What You Make It"
    3. The Tube Explorer
    4. CEC TV ID - "Rocket"
  5. Segment 3
    1. "Bring The House Down"
    2. "Dinner" (Parody of "Thriller")
  6. Intermission 3
    1. Will Frye The Nutrition Guy
    2. Trout Fishing In America: "Pico De Gallo"
    3. CEC TV ID - "Rocket Racer"
  7. Segment 4
    1. "Let Me Be There"
    2. "On The Road Again"
  8. Intermission 4
    1. CEC TV ID - "Cow Abduction"
    2. VeggieTales - "The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything"
    3. Monkey Ninjas - Episode 1
    4. CEC TV ID - "Rocket"


During this time Lives would be on separate VHS tapes for MMBB based stores.

Birthday Break: January 2001 Show logo with music set to a 1 minute or 2 minute countdown. This would then lead into the Birthday show.


Filming Locations

  • "Bring The House Down" and "The Tube Explorer" were shot at the Grand Prairie TX location.
  • "La Bamba" was shot at Don Pablo's Mexican Cantina
  • "Take The Last Train To Clarksville" was shot at The Grapevine Train Depot

File Dates

  • (Studio C) DVD: 12/5/2001

Showtape Scans / Images:


  • VeggieTales "The Song of The Cebu" and "The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything" were reused from the Just for Kids Show 2000 and "Will Frye The Nutrition Guy" is reused from Studio C Premiere, though the music during the pyramid scene is different.
  • "Dancing in the Street" mixes footage reused from the cover of the same song featured in Spring Break and new footage.
  • Chuck's curtains close during "Dancing in the Street" on all stages.