Looney Bird Interactive (Mijjin)

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Looney Bird Interactive (Mijjin) 


Units Produced: 2
Release Date: 1998
Final Release: 1998
Manufacturer: Creative Engineering


The Looney Bird Interactive Mijjin was an animatronic produced by Creative Engineering Inc. for the Marvelously Interactive Animation show in 1998


This character was produced in 1998 for the Marvelously Interactive Animation show.

It is unknown where CEI sourced the mech for the bot used on the Marvelously Interactive Animation show, but it's possibly a Billy Bob.

The backup Looney Bird uses a Lite stage Billy Bob mech


This bot is a Standard Mijjin mech, the mech has blue eye pieces and is a retrofit of a Billy Bob. The bot is the Looney Bird Character from the Rock-Afire Explosion in the smaller Mijjin style, now with a body. This character is seen wearing a unique Lab Coat, with 4 multicolored buttons on the front, similar to Toyland Fatz.


All movements are on the Top Drawer. Eyes and eyelids are controlled by servos.

Unlike the Looney Bird Labratory bot, this bot has all standard movements.

This character is suspected to run off of NRAE Mitzi bits.

Top Drawer
Bit# Function
1 Mouth
2 Lip
3 Head Down
4 Head Turn
5 Head Tilt Left
16 Head Tilt Right
18 Left Body Tilt
19 Right Body Tilt
11 Left Wrist
6 Right Wrist
12 Left Elbow
7 Right Elbow
13 Left Arm Twist
8 Right Arm Twist
14 Left Arm Raise
9 Right Arm Raise
15 Left Shoulder
10 Right Shoulder
20 Knee Bend
17 Body Turn Right
83 Eyes Right
82 Eyes Left
85 Eyes Down
84 Eyes Up
86 Lids Close
81 Lids Open