Mt Juliet, TN (60 Belinda Pkwy)

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Mt. Juliet's exterior. (PC: Google Maps)

60 Belinda Parkway, Store #672 is a Chuck E. Cheese's that opened on December 15th, 2014 with a Circles Of Light, which is still open to this day

This location's remodel is what is commonly referred to as "Phase 5" meaning it has the Rockstar branded artwork and signs.


The area where the CEC currently is was a field, proof being a google street view from 2007, over the 7 years until the CEC opened, more business would be added, then on December 15, 2014, the CEC opened, it opened with the Circles Of Light stage, with no animatronic, being the very first location in the state of Tennessee with no animatronics. They started their 2.0 remodel in October 2023 removing the COL for a Dance Floor and Video Wall. As of December 2023, they remain like this.


Mt. Juliet opened with the Circles Of Light stage, being the very first and only COL in the state. It was removed for a Dance Floor And Video Wall.

Arcade Machines

  • Chatty Chuck E.
  • Alley Roller
  • Trolls


Mt. Juliet's Circles Of Light stage on May 31, 2022 Credit to CECBowlingGreen