World of Music (PTT Theme)

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The Pizza Time Theatre World of Music Theme was a temporary alteration to the stage and character designs for use in the March 1983 Madame Oink IV - The Tune Machine showtape.

Stage Design

On the centered portion of the stage (behind Jasper, Madame Oink, and Chuck E.), the backdrop represents the Tune Machine itself. Depicted with piano keys, dials, and screws, the Tune Machine also has a label above Chuck E. that reads "Madam Oink's World of Music," possibly being an alternative name for the Tune Machine show itself. On the side portions (Mr. Munch & Pasqually), 2D cut-outs of phonographs can be seen mirroring on both sides with white coloring.


Despite utilizing a Madame Oink III - Tunnel of Love showtape in Spanish, the Condado, Puerto Rico Balcony Stage at the time had the backdrop for the Tune Machine show. It left the text in English and nor Pasqually or Mr. Munch had the phonograph cut-outs behind them, only their red drape curtains.