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3400 Plaza Dr was a Showbiz Pizza place that opened on December 6, 1982 and closed in early 1988. This location is often overshadowed by other Pennsylvania stores, thus making it more obscure.


This location opened on December 6, 1982 as a Showbiz Pizza Place with the Rock Afire Explosion. Here is an interesting story from an ex-employee from Facebook about opening night: "I was part of the opening crew who were there when it first opened up. What a fun job though. Best cool story for me is that I was the very first person to be “Billy Bob”. Got to ride around on a tailgate to promote the opening…..then come into the restaurant and try to not step on any little kids!" The location closed in 1988 after the franchise was bought out by Major Magic's. Though the location survived until 1988, their Rock-afire Explosion did not get the Showbiz Pizza Campground stage. The old building was later turned into a bingo place with many Showbiz remnants left behind.

Major Magics

After this store closed, Major Magic's All Star Pizza Revue took over. Everything in the store remained intact, including the Rock-afire Explosion. It is unknown for how long the show continued to perform under Major Magic's. But, after a few years of operation, the show was retrofit into the Rock and Roll Rebellion, featuring the Major Magic's branded characters. This would be the second Rock-afire Explosion to Major Magic's retrofit stage, The first being at the Clinton Township/ Maycomb Township, Michigan store on Hall Road. Reading, PA's stage does have some minor differences, but the biggest one of all being the absence of some of the characters, like Sgt. Pepperoni and the anthropomorphic orchestra. Major Magic's closed at an unknown date.


This location opened with the Rock Afire Explosion. it is unknown what happened to the show.

Stage Installed Removed Whereabouts
RockAfire Explosion December 1982 1988 Unkown


Animatronic Serial Number Whereabouts
Rolfe DeWolfe 4-82 1-19 Unknown
Dook Larue 4-82 2-19 Unknown
Fatz Geronimo 4-82 3-19 Unknown
Beach Bear 4-82 4-19 Unknown
Mitzi Mozzarella 4-82 5-19 Unknown
Billy Bob 4-82 6-19 Unknown
Looney Bird 4-82 7-19 Unknown
Choo Choo 4-82 8-19 Unknown
Sun 4-82 10-19 Unknown
Moon 4-82 11-19 Unknown
Antioch N/A Unknown


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