Studio C Premiere

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Studio C Premiere

Release Date: December 1997
Label:Studio C Premiere (Final Ver)

Released On:

SVHS (3-Stage)
SVHS (R12 '93+)
Laserdisc (Studio C)


Download DVCAM Full Premiere Recording (AI Upscaled)

Studio C Premiere was released in December 1997 and ran until September 1998.

This show was eventually modified and re-edited for MMBB stores with the May 1998 Show.

DVCAM Footage

The first full footage of the show would be provided by Brian Hagan on December 21, 2021.[1] This was through a DVCAM recording of the show video spliced with recordings of the Studio C stage performing the showtape. This recording would additionally be AI upscaled.

The footage would be copyright-striked minutes after upload, but was able to be downloaded before being pulled. The footage would be reuploaded multiple times with cut down segments, but improved video clarity.[2]

Show List:

  1. Segment 1
    1. Studio C Bumper
    2. Intro to the Show
    3. Introduction to Swinging Blue Jeans - "Hippy Hippy Shake"
    4. Swinging Blue Jeans - "Hippy Hippy Shake" (No Animatronic/lights)
    5. Introduction to Studio C
    6. Introduction to Steve Martin - "King Tut"
  2. Intermission 1
    1. Steve Martin - "King Tut"
    2. Louis Armstrong - "What A Wonderful World"
  3. Segment 2
    1. Who's Got My Master Remote
  4. Intermission 2
    1. Pondwatch
    2. Coca Cola Spot 1
  5. Segment 3
    1. Larry The Technician - "Stage Curtains"
    2. NFL's 100 Greatest Follies
    3. Introduction to Tim McGraw - "I Like It, I Love It"
  6. Intermission 3
    1. Tim McGraw - "I Like It, I Love It"
    2. Name That Cheese
  7. Segment 4
    1. Introduction to Go-Go's - "Our Lips Are Sealed"
    2. Go-Go's - "Our Lips Are Sealed" (No Animatronic/Lights)
    3. Chuck E. Cheese News
    4. Hanson - "MmmBop"
    5. Mystery Guest
  8. Intermission 4
    1. Will Frye The Nutrition Guy - "Food Pyramid"
    2. Leann Rimes - "How Do I Live"
    3. Station Break
  9. Segment 5
    1. Studio C Bumper
    2. Amy Grant - "Good for Me"
  10. Intermission 5
    1. Chuck E. Cheese's Promo
    2. Coca Cola Spot 2
    3. Announcer
  11. Segment 6
    1. Introduction to Seal - "Fly Like an Eagle"
    2. Seal - "Fly Like an Eagle" (No Animatronic/Lights)
    3. Introduction to Jackson Five - "ABC"
    4. Jackson Five - "ABC" (No Animatronic/Lights)


This is a guess based on what lives would have played at the time for existing stages.

  • Birthday Star 95'
  • Chuck E. March
  • Havin' A Party
  • Chuck E's Fiesta Mexicana
  • Chuck E. Says
  • Chuck E. Shuffle
  • Patriotic Live

Birthday Break: Is currently unknown.


  • This was the second Studio C Premiere created the first being created in October 1997 with nothing known about its existence. But going off pics from its time it lacked Bird meaning it would have to be very different than what eventually came.
  • This show officially played at any Studio C store that opened from December 1997 - September 1998.