Flag Wavers (Cyberamic)

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One of the flag wavers in a private collection, originally from the Corpus Christi, TX location.

The Flag Wavers were prop animatronics installed in Pizza Time Theatre locations throughout the 1980s, generally found on the Portrait / Shelf Stage and Balcony Stage. Throughout the 1980s, they would be largely produced by Riordan Co., who would also manufacture Jasper's banjo, and a later version of Artie Antlers' antlers. They would occasionally be found around the Rocker Stage, C-Stage and on a couple 2-Stages, too, as leftovers from the previously stated stages. The last location to have flags was the Simi Valley, CA (71 Tierra Rejada Rd) location, which closed in May 2008.




The Flag Wavers were a very basic prop animatronic, with only one movement.



These are the main variants that were seen in all Pizza Time Theatre locations throughout the 80s

  • United States
  • State Flag
  • Chuck E. Cheese (white)
  • Confederate (removed in late 80s, replaced by the colored Chuck E. flags)
  • Italy
  • Chuck E. Cheese (red, blue, green, and yellow) (replaced Confederate flags)

These variants would only be seen in specific locations:

  • Canada (Michigan locations, and Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)
  • Israel (Michigan locations only)
  • Britain (Michigan locations only)
  • Greece (Michigan locations only)