"Flabby Road" (CD Award)

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"Flabby Road" (CD Award) 


Release Date: 1991
Final Release: 1998
Manufacturer: Corman & Associates


Dimensions: 38x38in (Album)
Text:Munch's Make Believe Band

Flabby Road was a decoration created for Chuck E. Cheese's in 1991.


Flabby Road was originally released alongside a large array of décor items in 1991, and would be later re-released twice in 1993 and 1995.

Releases / Prototypes

  • 1991 Prototype: Artwork originally had a yellow crosswalk as opposed to white.
  • 1993 Release: Frame changed to "Silver CD Award" Variant.
  • 1995 Release: Frame changed to "Platinum CD Award" variant. (Platinum CD Award is 6x4 ft.)


This CD Award is a parody of the popular 1969 Beatles album, Abbey Road. The art seen is a recreation of the album's cover with Chuck E. Cheese characters.

Jasper, Helen, and Chuck E. are seen walking forwards on the crosswalk while Munch is seen walking in the other direction. In the Background are several vehicles parked on the side of the road. A large van on the left side is branded with "Chuck E. Cheese Pizza".