"Showbiz Pizza" (SPT Exterior Signage)

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"Showbiz Pizza" (SPT Exterior Signage) 


Release Date: 1986
Final Release: 1992/1993


Color: Green, Red, Yellow

"Showbiz Pizza" was exterior signage produced for ShowBiz Pizza Time Inc from around 1996 to 1992/1993 for the SPT 1988 Remodel Program.


The first known usage of this signage would be at the Austin, TX (502 W Ben White Blvd) store after it was the first to receive the 1988 Remodel as a test in 1986. It would continue to be used afterwards on existing ShowBiz stores, and some new stores which opened with the Rocker Stage and used the ShowBiz branding. It would be the only signage created with the ShowBiz branding post-merger, and would begin to be phased out and replaced with the Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza name after the Concept Unification era began.


There would be a few variants of this signage used throughout its lifespan.

The signage would often be seen accompanied by two smaller signs next to the main sign which read "Family" and "Fun" (formerly used by ShowBiz Pizza Place to say "Pizza" and "Place") There were also many unique variants used at some locations during its lifespan.