AAM Chuck E. Cheese (Animatronic)

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AAM Chuck E. Cheese (Animatronic) 


Units Produced: 1
Release Date: 1996
Manufacturer: Animation World


The AAM Chuck E. Cheese Animatronic is the first original animatronic created by Animation World for Showbiz Pizza Time.


In 1996 the Awesome Adventure Machine Concept officially enters development and the Animatronic is sourced to Animation World for development. The Animatronic wasn't liked very much by Showbiz and would be because it was just about built identical to something Creative Engineering would make and the eyes were at an angle which caused problems during development. But the animatronic would be destroyed sometime after the Fall of 1997 for the Studio C concept.


The costume was designed by Shelly Atkins with the outfit having a sportier appearance.

Originally the cap Chuck E. wore was blue, orange, and yellow but it was changed later on to better reflect the walkaround.

The sculpting for the face is done by Dave Thomas, basing his face off of the art done by Dan Peeler and Charlie Rose.


Eyes Left
Eyes Right
Eyelids Down
Eyelids Up
Head Up
Head Down
Head Left
Head Right
Head Tilt Left
Head Tilt Right
Body Lean
Body Turn Left
Body Turn Right
Left Hand Out
Right Arm Raise
Right Elbow
Right Arm Forward
Right Arm Twist
Right Wrist