Antonio (Pasqually Retrofit)

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A shot of Antonio at Gillian's Wonderland (2018?)

Antonio is a retrofit of Pasqually (Cyberamic) created by Sally Corp for Gillian's Wonderland in 1992.


Antonio was installed at Gillian's in 1992 near the train ride. Gillian's hired Sally Corp to retrofit the characters, which turned the Pasqually into Antonio. Antonio would later get a redesign in 2002, which gave him a brown mustache & removed his hat. in 2015, his mustache became white again & he got a new thin cloth hat.


Antonio has a black vest, a white Undershirt, a brown handkerchief, a white mustache, white hair, & a thin cloth black hat. He had no had & a different mustache color from 2002 to 2015.