April 1999

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April 1999

Release Date: April 1999

Released On:

SVHS (3-Stage)
SVHS (R12 '93+)
Laserdisc (Studio C)


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April 1999 (AKA Dance Party) was a showtape that released April 1999 and ran until August 1999.

This was the last Studio C show to run on Laserdisc.


The North Richland Hills, TX CEC is featured in the first segment. Chuck E. Town was filmed around 3rd St. of downtown Fort Worth and the CEC Home Office. The first Super Jasper skit was filmed at the famous tourist attraction "Cadillac Ranch" in Amarillo, TX.

Unused Blue Screen Footage

All the Studio C segments would be filmed by Brian Hagan with the Chuck E. animatronic in front of a blue screen. This was done in case blue screen footage was ever needed, but ultimately went unused.[1] These were filmed on DVCAM tapes.

On December 23, 2021, all the unused footage would be uploaded to Brian's YouTube channel.[2]

Digital Audio Masters

The showtape's original stereo audio for all the segments and the live show would be preserved onto Digital Audio Tape. On March 4, 2022, Brian Hagan would upload the original DAT recordings to his YouTube channel[3], while providing lossless FLACs of the audio to the community.

Existing Show List

  1. Segment 1
    1. Chuck E.'s Dance Party
    2. Dancing on the Ceiling
  2. Intermission 1
    1. CEC TV ID - "Retro Abstract"
    2. VeggieTales - "I Love My Lips"
    3. Ratings
    4. Super Jasper - "Jumping the Cadillac Ranch"
    5. Store Intro - "Irving TX"
  3. Segment 2
    1. Chuck E. Town (Parody of Funky Town)
    2. Dancin' and Singin'
  4. Intermission 2
    1. CEC TV ID - "Retro Abstract"
    2. Eddie Coker - "Happy One"
    3. The Lonesome Cowboy
    4. Store Intro - "North Richland Hills TX"
  5. Segment 3
    1. Pizza Serenade
    2. Hip Mouse (Parody of Brick House)
  6. Intermission 3
    1. CEC TV ID - "Retro Abstract"
    2. VeggieTales - "The Hairbrush Song"
    3. Memories Are Forever
    4. Store Into - "Arlington TX (Fielder)"
  7. Segment 4
    1. Let's Dance
    2. Dancin' On The Moon
  8. Segment 4
    1. CEC TV ID - "Retro Abstract"
    2. Eddie Coker - "Interaction"
    3. Super Jasper - "Staring Contest"
    4. Store Intro - "Arlington TX (Justiss)"


During this time Lives would be on separate VHS tapes for MMBB based stores.

  • Birthday Star 95'
  • Chuck E. March
  • Havin' A Party
  • Chuck E's Fiesta Mexicana
  • Chuck E. Says
  • Chuck E. Shuffle
  • Patriotic Live
  • America
  • Chuck E. Swing
  • Give My Regards to Broadway

Birthday Break: Is currently unknown.

Showtape Scans / Images


  • Duncan Brannan's voice for Chuck E. has gotten much lower, and his New Jersey accent started to become less noticeable.
  • Dancin' On The Moon is originally from CEC Rock It In Space,
  • Dance Party debuted the Super Jasper intermissions.
  • Dance Party was the first show to feature John Bowen as Mr. Munch, and Earl Fisher as Pasqually
  • This was the final Studio C show to be produced on Laser disc and was also the final show to use the walkarounds to feature the rest of MMBB, Starting with Fabulous World Adventure they would use puppets.
  • For Studio C "Hip Mouse" and "Dancin' On The Moon" were sang by Chuck E. Cheese. While on existing Munch sang "Hip Mouse" and Jasper sang "Dancin' On The Moon"
  • This was the final show released for Studio C on laser disc.