April 2002 Show

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April 2002 Show

Release Date: April 2002

Released On:

SVHS (3-Stage)
SVHS (R12 '93+)
DVD + Floppy (Studio C)


Duncan Brannan - Voice of Chuck E. Cheese
Annagrey Wiechman - Voice of Helen Henny
John Bowen - Voice of Mr. Munch, Show Announcer
Jeremy Blaido - Director, Voice of Jasper, Mike Manley, Betty
Earl Fisher - Voice of Pasqually The Chef
Robert Gotcher - Production Manager
Matt Daniel - Production Coordinator
Ryan Hollingsworth - Hank Howdy

April 2002 Show was a show that released in April and ran through June 2002.

This show featured 4 segments with 8 songs.


"Go To Chuck E. Cheese" and parts of "Keep on Smiling" were filmed at the Dallas (Montfort) TX location. "Ease On Down the Road" was filmed at SpeedZone Dallas.

Show List:

  1. Segment 1
    1. "Love Train"
    2. "I Don't Wanna Work" (Parody of "Can't Get Enough Of You Baby")
  2. Intermission 1
    1. CEC TV ID - "Singing Animals"
    2. The Tube Explorer - "Games"
    3. LarryBoy: The Cartoon Adventures - "He Is That Hero"
    4. Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie Trailer
    5. VeggieTales - "Do the Moo Shoo"
    6. CEC TV ID - "Blender"
  3. Segment 2
    1. "Go To Chuck E. Cheese" (Parody of "Turning Japanese")
    2. "That's A Deal"
  4. Intermission 2
    1. CEC TV ID - "Haircut"
    2. Baking with Betty - "Letters"
    3. Eddie Coker - "Woo Woo Dance"
    4. Raining Balls (Studio C only)
    5. CEC TV ID - "Dancing Food"
  5. Segment 3
    1. "CEC Chuck E Cheese"
    2. "Everywhere"
  6. Intermission 3
    1. CEC TV ID - "Janitor"
    2. Super Jasper - "Waterfall"
    3. Trout Fishing in America - "I Can Dance"
    4. CEC TV ID - "Blender"
  7. Segment 4
    1. "Ease On Down The Road"
    2. "Keep On Smiling"
  8. Intermission 4
    1. CEC TV ID - "Stars"
    2. Monkey Ninjas - Episode 2
    3. Time To Fly! (Studio C only)
    4. CEC TV ID - "Dancing Food"


During this time Lives would be on separate VHS tapes for MMBB based stores.

Birthday Break: January 2001 Show logo with music set to a 1 minute or 2-minute countdown. This would then lead into the Birthday show.



  • Eddie Coker's "Woo Woo Dance" was reused from the Just for Kids Show 2000 and "Time to Fly" was reused from Summertime 2000.
  • In "Go to Chuck E. Cheese" Chuck E. yells "Come on Rob!". This is a reference to Robert Gotcher.
  • Chuck's curtains close during "Everywhere" on all versions of the show.