B.B. Bubbles (Cabaret)

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B.B. Bubbles (Cabaret) 


Release Date: 1982
Final Release: 1983
Manufacturer: Pizza Time Theatre


The B.B. Bubbles Cyberamics were a set Cyberamic Retrofits created by Pizza Time Theatre in the early 80's for Cabaret animatronics. The bots were based on the short-lived character B.B. Bubbles. The bots would controlled using the Cyberamic Control System.

Much like the other cabaret acts, Dolli Dimples and Artie Antlers, she played a piano/calliope prop. She was in stores from 1982 to early 1983, and was rather short lived and retired right before Pizza Time Theatre was bought out by Showbiz Pizza.

Design Variations

There are three known versions of B.B. Bubbles. The earlier prototype design was made in 1982, followed by another prototype, then the finalized design that was later widely used [1]. The first prototype featured a silvery tulle dress, with a shiny silver belt and neck ruffle. A flower is seen on the center of the belt. Her hair coils are notably teal instead of silver. The prototype also has dark eyes, and lacks the character’s jewelry and headdress.

The final version of the character features a silver/blue tulle dress with a matching tulle neck ruffle. She has silver curly hair, with a fancy feathered headdress and a shiny appliqué on her forehead. The character also has earrings on the bottom of her elephant ears. She grips a microphone in her trunk. Her irises are light blue, and her eyelids are seen typically as blue with a pink or silver eyeliner made of sequins.


B.B. Bubbles featured the same movements as the other cabaret characters, as she was a cosmetic retrofit of them. In 1982 stores could purchase an installation package that would change an existing character into B.B.[2] Also available to purchase was a bubble machine to add to her set. One notable change is that Dolli’s breast movement would have to be modified into B.B’s trunk movement. Her head and eyes moved like the other standard Cyberamics.

Head Turn Right
Head Turn Left
Body Turn
Right Ear
Left Ear
Eye Turn Right
Eye Turn Left
Left Arm
Right Arm