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Cyberamics on the Balcony Stage

The Cyberamics were a set of animatronics that were mass produced for Pizza Time Theatre restaurants from early 1979 to November 1983 and are still being used in stores to present day.


The Cyberamics were first created in 1979 as an easier, cheaper animatronic to mass-produce, making sure all the locations are within budget and consistent between animatronic designs (since the original portrait bots were often made with several inaccuracies from location-to-location, like different colored vests, different shaped snouts and/or differences in the eye area).

These animatronics were originally built in house by Pizza Time Theatre Inc. until 1983. Newer stores that opened later on would reuse Cyberamics that were leftover from production or from closed stores until 1991 when Kinetix would manufacture them with the only changes being the addition of legs, Mr. Munch and Pasqually's arm mechs being changed to accommodate their keyboard and drum set respectfully, the left arm swing of Chuck E. and Helen being connected to a cylinder rather than being connected to the body turn mechanism, and the eye turn mechanism was redesigned to have two cylinders instead of one cylinder with springs. Animation World would start making Cyberamics in 1993, until around 1995.

The final store to open with Cyberamics would be Mentor, OH (8000 Plaza Blvd) in 1998.


The main five animatronics would all use a standardized head and body mech for generous usage of parts. Each bot was internally distinct by their arm mechs, eye color, eyelid color, and whether they had a head up movement. The Guest Star animatronic would have its costume swapped out to become different characters over time.

Additional unique animatronics would be produced for entertainment around or near the main stage.

A large animatronic with a similar base to the main cast would be made for the Cabaret of the restaurant. This would have its costume swapped at certain locations to become other characters.

Additional unique characters would be built for the Lounge and Ice Cream Emporium sections of stores.

The Wink (Cyberamic) would later be added to the Cyberamics lineup retroactively from the production of the 3-Stage.