Billy Bob 7 1/2" Plush Doll (1981)

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Billy Bob 7 1/2" Plush Doll (1981) 


Price: $6.99
Release Date: 1981
Removal Date: 1982


Dimensions: 7 1/2in
Label:Showbiz Pizza Place SM
Label:Topeka KS S6611
Label:Copyright © 1981, Showbiz Pizza Place, inc
Label:Made In Taiwan

The 1981 7 1/2'' Billy Bob was an official product produced for Showbiz Pizza Place in 1981.


Billy Bob would be the first plush character created for Showbiz Pizza place locations. The plush would start SPP's standard of plush dolls being sold inside of plastic bags.


This 1981 set would be retired in 1982 and ACME dolls.


Opposite from artwork, Billy Bob doesn't have a neck, has a larger body, and has shorter legs. On Billy Bob's neck would be his guitar with a strap that could be put onto the doll. It also came in a small plastic bag that had the company logo on it.