CEC 20th Anniversary Cookie Jar (1997)

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CEC 20th Anniversary Cookie Jar (1997) 


Price: $110 + $7 shipping
Units Produced: 1,977
Release Date: 1997
Manufacturer: K&L; Enterprises


Dimensions: 10in x 15-1/2in x 11in
Label:Chuck E. Cheese's 20th Anniversary
Label:K&L ENTERPRISES "Chuck E. Cheese's" 20th Anniversary © 1997 All Rights Reserved x of 1977 Chuck E. Cheese and Associated Trademarks Are Owned By And Used Under License from ShowBiz Pizza Time, Inc. LICENSEE K&L ENTERPRISES Made in China DESIGNED BY Clay Art

The Chuck E. Cheese's 20th Anniversary Licensed Commemorative Limited Edition Cookie Jar was a licensed product created exclusively for online purchase in 1997.


During the 20th anniversary for Chuck E. Cheese's, SPT introduced various promotional items though out the year of 1997.

K&L enterprises obtained the license to create ceramic products for Showbiz Pizza Time and released this cookie jar as one of the first limited releases of a Chuck E. Cheese's product.

The cookie jar had a production of 1,977 units for sale via mailing K&L enterprises cash or calling one of their offices.[1]


The cookie jar is based off of Chuck E. Cheese's "Tuxedo Era", with Chuck E. holding a large cake reading "Chuck E. Cheese's 20th Anniversary" on the front and a small pile of tokens on the top.

The cookie jar is accessed by Chuck E.'s head being removed, revealing the hallow inside of the figure to allow for maximum storage.