CEC Employee Red Shirt (90's)

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The UTY Apparel variant of the polo.

The CEC Employee Red Shirt was a polo styled employee shirt used in the Chuck E. Cheese restaurants from 1998 to late 2000s. The shirt is bright red, featuring an iron-on patch of the yellow Thumb Chuck logo, a black collar, and black sleeve cuffs with blue, green, red and yellow blocks.


The earliest known iteration of the red employee polo was produced by UTY Apparel in 1998. This particular design of the shirt features the earlier illustration of the Thumb Chuck logo, under it, two small indents for employees to put their nametag pin into. This design of the shirt featured only two buttons under the collar. The colored blocks on this variant of the polo are a rectangular shape.

Second Iteration (Fine Incentives)

The second iteration of this employee uniform was produced by Fine Incentives out of Fort Worth, Texas, which began production in an unknown year. The design of this shirt remains the same from the UTY Apparel version, with a couple of differences which are as followed; The shirt now features three buttons underneath the collar as opposed to the two on the UTY version, the later, redrawn variant of the Thumb Chuck logo, no nametag pin indents, and the color blocks retaining a more square shape. The collar on this shirt is also noticeably smaller than the UTY version.