CEC Hanging Tabletop Ad Stand

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Complete Stand

The CEC Hanging Tabletop Ad Stand is a metal stand used on tables to hold spices and advertise Chuck E. Cheese services, products, and promotions starting in 2006.

The stand could hold an array of advertisements, being able to be flipped through to see each one. Ads also were easily removable without being damaged, unlike the previous tabletop stand design. The bottom rack would hold shakers for Red Peppers, Parmesan Cheese, Salt, and Pepper. The top of the stand was used to clip table number cards, allowing employees to easily see them above the tables.


A wide variety of ads were used to display in the stand throughout its years of use.

Unknown Year



Table Number Cards

Two different sets of table number cards were used for the stands. The initial run had white cards with numbers 1-99, stating on them 'Please insert number into stand on table'. Around 2013 these would be updates with new red cards featuring a silhouette of Rockstar Chuck E. Cheese's head in the background. These added the additional text 'No frozen dough. No microwaves. Your freshly-made pizza will be ready soon!'. Some 'Reserved' cards would also be in the set.

White Cards

Red Cards