CEI 1986 Liberty Tape Party

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The CEI 1986 Liberty Tape Party was an infamous party at Creative Engineering, being a pivotal moment in the eventual soured tastes between Showbiz and the company, ultimately leading to the removal of the Rock-afire license and IP from Showbiz Stores, and the start of Concept Unification.

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It is stated that CEI employees would get very drunk during their parties, and that this party was no exception. A drunk employee had apparently erased the SPP Happy B-day Liberty programming signals during the party, with the due date for them to be shipped due the next morning. This incident enraged Showbiz, with them potentially already being aware of the company culture during these parties. Showbiz would provide their own programming for the release of the tape. CEI would then rerelease their original Liberty tape to Showbiz stores, pinning it on Showbiz for not sticking to CEI's production. Showbiz would continue to program showtapes for the next year, now using their own cast for voices, due to this incident, before eventually bringing CEI back on for production in 1987.