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The first CU Beta in September 2022 (PC: pasquallytheplumber)

The CU Beta 16m is a stage format found a Chuck E. Cheese's location in the state of Illinois in the United States that converted their 3-Stage in 2020. The stage is a Studio C Beta, 16m but on a 3-Stage platform. It is the most recent CEC animatronic stage to come out, despite it not being an official stage type.


The CU Beta 16m was created to replace Darien, IL (7409 Cass Ave)’s 3-Stage due to maintenance costs. The decision was to replace the 3-Stage with parts of the Studio C Beta from the recently removed show from Joliet, IL (3250 Chicagoland Circle). Installation begun on July 1, 2020. With everything on center stage being removed (with the exception of the fiberoptic fireworks) and thrown out to be destroyed along with the neon sign on stage right being removed. During this time Stage left and right were still running with the Beta TV light fixtures hidden behind the TV on stage right.

On July 2nd the bot, Swirl fixture, and the two TV light fixtures were installed although not functional yet. On July 6th the stage was finally in a state where it could run. In its first few tests all the lighting worked with the center stage floods and fiberoptic fireworks being reused. By mid-July, the stage was fully complete with curtains being installed over stage left and right coming from West Des Moines, IA (1431 22nd St). Behind the curtains starting on stage right was the CRT and rain curtains and on-stage left was the Pasqually's Amateur Hour wall, flood light covers and the platform for Pasqually. Everything on Pasqually's stage was eventually removed sometime in 2021 with the exception of the flood light covers. In June 2023, the stage was removed for the 2.0 remodel.

In early November 2020 the Chicago, IL (5030 S Kedzie Ave) location replaced their 3-Stage with the CU Beta 16m this time coming from Lafayette, IN (100 S Creasy Lane). They reused the buildings and planters (with one breaking) from the 3-Stage and putting the Swirl Beta fixture in the middle with the bot in front. Stage left and right had everything removed with the walls painted black.

In June / July 2021 Kedzie repainted the side stages purple and installed the Light up posters from Matteson, IL (106 Town Center Rd) Circle of Lights. The light up posters have a color loop and are not programmed with the show. Also, around this time Kedzie also got the TV Light fixtures from Avon, IN (9931 E US Hwy 36) and had them in the back of the show room eventually installing next to the Beta swirl between August - October 2021.


The design for both CU Beta 16m stages are different for Darien, IL (7409 Cass Ave) and Chicago, IL (5030 S Kedzie Ave) but the consistent design is re-using the 3-Stages from the Concept Unification Stage Stage Left and Right would be completely emptied of all branding of the former stage with it then either being blocked off by curtains or having random things installed to fill the space. Center stage would have the 16m bot installed in the center with the Beta Spiral installed behind the animatronic. To the left and right of Beta Swirl would be the Beta TV Light fixtures. Some stores kept the three stage buildings and planters from the Concept Unification Stage or had them completely removed leaving only the beta themed props. The spotlight would be reusing the guitar spot light with the ceiling floods being the same ones from the center stage.

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All CU Beta 16Ms Installed

Location Address Installed Removed Condition / Notes
Darien, Illinois, United States 7409 S Cass Ave July 2020 June 2023 Stage came from Joliet, IL, which got 2.0 in 2020. Currently wearing Rockstar shirt and Avenger shorts. Curtains covering side stages are from the West Des Moines, Iowa location.
Chicago, Illinois, United States 5030 S Kedzie Ave November 2020 N/A Stage came from Lafayette, Indiana, which closed in October 2020. Old 3-Stage buildings kept, COL light up posters added to side stages sometime in 2021. Beta light up mirrors added around same time. Last remaining location to have the stage.