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Chuck E. Cheese (Formerly known as Chuck E. Cheese's, Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza, Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza Time Theatre) is the continuation of the original Pizza Time Theatre company after its first bankruptcy on March 28, 1984, and subsequent merger with ShowBiz Pizza Place on May 31, 1985, which is still around to present day.

CEC operates family entertainment centers focused on live entertainment, birthday parties, arcade games, animatronics, and a menu centered around pizza offerings. The company has around 600 Chuck E. Cheese stores across North America and other countries, alongside over 120 Peter Piper Pizza locations in the United States.[1]

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  • On the 17th CEC would announce a collaboration with Raging Waters Sacramento Water Park to have a CEC branded section of the waterpark be made to debut in the parks re-opening as California Dreamin'. The site planned to include branded water rides, slides, and splash zones. An on-site arcade, CEC branded retail shop, and Pasqually's Pizza physical location would also be in the area. All current walkarounds, including Pasqually and Bella, would be seen at the park. Additional cross-promotions with Sacramento and Northern California CEC stores would also be planned.[2]



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April 2024

  • Bridgewater, NJ (600 Promenade Blvd) would close on April 7th after 24 years of service.
  • Hagerstown, MD (17618 Valley Mall Blvd) would close on April 7th after 18 years of service.
  • Davenport, IA (903 E Kimberly Rd) would close on April 7th after 43 years of service.
  • On the 12th, CEC employees would receive an exclusive discount for CEC shirts sold on 80sTees.
  • Some time in early April, Florida locations would be instructed to remove all napkin holders from tables, presumably to cut costs. Napkins would still be available in other parts of the store. This would then be rolled out to more locations during the month.
  • In early April low volume stores would be told to reduce their hours of operation and to cut their salad bar indefinitely.[5][6]
  • On the 15th, CEC would announce a partnership with the American Society for Deaf Children to provide a more inclusive experience for deaf guests. This would include more American Sign Language support media, staff training, fundraisers, and various helpful programs for deaf kids.[7]
  • On the 18th CEC would post a survey on its website for a new redesign of the Ticket Blaster.
  • The annual Summer of Fun event would begin on April 29th. From then through September 2nd, CEC employees would be allowed to wear any Summer of Fun T-shirts or appropriate generic Hawaiian shirts at work. The new Strawberry Lemonade drink would be added permanently to the lineup. The first new food item of 2024 would be included, the limited-time Summer of Fun item of Strawberry Lemonade Cotton Candy.

May 2024

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