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Standard Segments

Showtape Segment Has Video? First Known Appearence Day Month Year
12 Days Of Christmas (90's Segment)
Abbey Road Medley (90's Segment)
Ace in the Hole (90's Segment)
Achy Breaky Heart (90's Segment) 1992/93
Addam's Groove (90's Segment) 1992
Adia (90's Segment) 1998
Ain’t No Mountain High Enough (90's Segment)
All I Want to Do Birthday (90's Segment) 1994
All Shook Up (90's Segment) 1992/93
Amanezco En Soledad (90's Segment)
Amor Prohibido (90's Segment)
Audobon Zoo (Alt Ending) (90's Segment)
Baby Baby (90's Segment)
Back Home Again (90's Segment)
Bad (90's Segment)
Bang on My Drum (90's Segment)
Banana Hill (90's Segment)
Barbie Girl (90's Segment)
Beach Boys Medley (90's Segment)
Bikini Aluneres Amarillo (90's Segment)
Birthday (90's Segment) 1993
Birthday Bop (90's Segment)
Black Or White (90's Segment) 1992
Black Velvet (90's Segment)
Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy (Show Selector) 1994
Book Your Birthday Party Skit (90's Segment) 1992
The Brady Bunch (90's Segment)
Brown Eyed Girl (90's Segment) 1992/93
Bust a Move (90's Segment) 1996
But It’s Alright (90's Segment) 1994
Carousel at Pistol Pete’s (Billy Bob & Looney Bird) (90's Segment)
Carousel at Pistol Pete’s (Billy Bob & Rolfe) (90's Segment)
Catch A Wave (90's Segment) 1994
Celebrate (90's Segment) 1992
Celebration (90's Segment) 25 October 1994
Change the World (90's Segment)
Christmas Medley (90's Segment)
C’mon N’ Ride It (The Train) (90's Segment)
Country Bear (90's Segment)
Country Medley (90's Segment)
Cover Me (90's Segment)
Cover Me (Alt Ending) (90's Segment)
Crocodile Rock (90's Segment) March 1997
Dame un Beso (90's Segment)
The Dance (90's Segment)
Dance Contest (90's Segment)
Dancin' in the Streets (90's Segment)
Daydream Believer (90's Segment)
DeJenne En Paz (90's Segment)
Dixieland Delight (90's Segment) June 1992
Double In Size (90's Segment)
Do Your Ears Hang Low (90's Segment)
Doll on Music Box (90's Segment)
Don’t Let Your Mom Go Shopping (90's Segment) March 1997
Don't Rock The Jukebox (90's Segment) 1992
Don’t Speak (90's Segment) March 1997
Don’t Turn Around (90's Segment)
Dur Dur D'être Bébé (90's Segment)
El Apagon (90's Segment)
El Apatch (90's Segment)
El Twist (90's Segment)
Escapade (90's Segment) 1991
Everybody (Backstreets Back) (90's Segment)
Fall At Your Feet (90's Segment) 1992
Free as a Bird (90's Segment) March 1997
Free Ride (90's Segment)
Friends in Low Places (90's Segment)
Funky Chicken (90's Segment)
Get Ready (90's Segment)
Get Together (90's Segment)
Gilligan’s Island (90's Segment)
Give Me One Reason (90's Segment)
Good Lovin' (90's Segment)
Good Vibrations (90's Segment)
Goodnight Sweetheart (90's Segment)
Goofy Birthday Song (90's Segment)
Grammy's (90's Segment)
Grandma's Feather Bed (90's Segment) 1992/93
The Guitar (90's Segment) 1992/93
Guitarzan (90's Segment)
Hacer Lo Que Quieras (90's Segment)
Happy Birthday Medley (90's Segment)
Happy Birthday to You (90's Segment)
Happy Rare Earth Birthday (90's Segment) 25 October 1994
Heartaches (90's Segment) 1994
Heartbreak Hotel (90's Segment) 1992/93
Herman the Worm Skit (90's Segment)
Hey Good Lookin’ (90's Segment)
High Hopes (90's Segment)
The Hokey Pokey (90's Segment)
Hombre Mio (90's Segment)
Hot Fun in the Summertime (90's Segment)
Hot Rod Lincoln (90's Segment)
How Do I Live (90's Segment)
I Am The Cute One (90's Segment)
I Can See Clearly Now (90's Segment)
I Can’t Help Myself (Sugar Pie Honey Bunch) (90's Segment)
I Got You Babe (90's Segment)
I Get So Lonely (90's Segment)
I Hate It When I Bonk My Head (90's Segment)
I Heard It Through the Grapevine (90's Segment)
I Heard It Through the Grapevine / Proud Mary (90's Segment)
In America (90's Segment) 1993
I Swear (90's Segment)
I Throw My Toys Around (90's Segment)
I Will (90's Segment)
I Will Always Love You (90's Segment)
Ice Ice Baby (90's Segment)
If You’re Happy and You Know It (90's Segment)
I’ll Be There for You (90's Segment)
Into Your Arms (90's Segment)
I’ve Been Working on the Railroad (90's Segment)
Jam (90's Segment) 1992/93
Jazz Birthday (90's Segment) 1992
John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt (90's Segment)
Jump (90's Segment) 1992
Just A Girl (90's segment)
Kellerman’s Anthem / Do You Love Me (90's Segment)
Korean Birthday (90's Segment)
La Caracha (90's Segment)
Land of 1000 Dances (90's Segment)
Leader of the Pack (90's Segment)
Leer Un Libro (90's Segment)
Let’s Go to Vegas (90's Segment) 1995
Liberty Show (90's Segment)
Life is a Highway (90's Segment)
Lime in the Coconut (90's Segment) 1992
Linger (90's Segment) 1994
The Lion Sleeps Tonight (90's Segment)
Little Arrows (90's Segment)
Little Drummer Boy (90's Segment)
Little Red Riding Hood (90's Segment) March 1997
Little Saint Nick (90's Segment)
Loco Por Tu Amor (90's Segment)
London Bridge (90's Segment)
Love Shack (90's Segment)
Love's Got A Hold On You (90's segment) 1992
Lovers Concerto (90's Segment)
Louisiana (90's Segment)
Lucky One (90's Segment)
Macarena (90's Segment)
Magic Carpet Ride (90's Segment) 1991
Making Our Dreams Come True (90's Segment)
Mambo Jambo (90's Segment)
Man In The Mirror (90's Segment)
Material Girl (90's Segment) 1992
Mexican Moon (90's Segment)
MMMBop (90's Segment)
Mony Mony (90's Segment) 1992/93
Mountain Music (90's Segment)
Mr. Jones (90's Segment)
Mrs. Robinson (90's Segment)
Muevo Los Pies (90's Segment)
Mucha Experienca (90's Segment)
My Boyfriend’s Back (90's Segment)
My Boy Lollipop (90's Segment) 1994
My Favorite Things (90's Segment)
My Girl (90's Segment)
My Heart Will Go On (90's Segment)
Name Game (90's Segment)
No Birthday Like Your Birthday (90's Segment)
No Rain (90's Segment)
No Se Tu (90's Segment)
November Rain (90's Segment) 1991
Oh Dawn (90's Segment)
Oh Holy Night (90's Segment)
An Old Fashioned Love Song (90's Segment)
Old Black Magic (90's Segment)
Old Mac Donald (90's Segment)
Old Time Rock & Roll (90's Segment)
One is the Loneliest Number (90's Segment)
Para Madura (Pera Matura) (90's Segment)
Play Kid's Theme (90's Segment)
Play That Funky Music (90's Segment)
Poetry in Motion (90's Segment) 1995/96
The Power Blew (90's Segment)
Pretty Woman (90's Segment) 1992/93
Proud Mary / La Bamba (90's Segment)
Puff the Magic Dragon (90's Segment)
Rain on the Roof (90's Segment)
Rare Earth Birthday (90's Segment) 25 October 1994
Rocky Top Tennessee (90's Segment) 1994
Roll To Me (90's Segment)
Row Row / Mockingbird (90's Segment) 1994
Rubber Biscuit (90's Segment) 1992/93
Run Run Rudolph (90's Segment)
Runaround (90's Segment)
Sabes Lo Que Pasa (90's Segment)
Santa Claus is Coming to Town (90's Segment)
Shout (90's Segment)
The Sign (90's Segment)
Silent Night (90's Segment)
Simon Says (90's Segment)
Sing Happy Birthday (90's Segment) 25 October 1995
Sixteen Tons (90's Segment)
Small Wonder (90's Segment) 1992/93
Something Good (90's Segment) 1991
Something To Talk About (90's Segment) 1992
Somewhere Out There (90's Segment)
Somewhere Over the Rainbow (90's Segment)
Song Of The South (90's Segment) 1992
Spanish Birthday (90's Segment)
Spiderwebs (90's Segment)
Stars on 45 Beatles Medley (90's Segment)
(I’m Not Your) Steppin’ Stone (90's Segment) 1992
Stevie's Birthday (90's Segment) 25 October 1995
Stop in the Name of Love (90's Segment)
Summer Lovin’ (90's Segment)
Summertime Blues (90's Segment) June 1992
Talk To Ya Later (90's Segment)
Tearin’ Up My Heart (90's Segment)
These Boots Were Made For Walkin' (90's Segment) 1992/93
This Old Man (90's Segment)
This World is Something New to Me (90's Segment)
Three Dog Birthday (90's Segment)
Three Little Fishies (90's Segment)
The Ride (90's Segment)
The Thrill is Gone / Girl Watcher (90's Segment)
The Way You Make Me Feel (90's Segment)
Tips for the Hip / My Love Don’t Bring Me Presents (90's Segment) 1990
Tokyo Summerland Theme (90's Segment)
Too Legit To Quit (90's Segment) 1992
Tu Pirata Soy Yo (90's Segment)
Turtle Power (90's Segment) 1990
Turn It On, Turn It Up, Turn Me Loose (90's Segment) 1992
U Can't Touch This (90's Segment) 1991
Venus (90's Segment)
Vogue (Lipsync) (90's Segment) 1991/92
Fatz's Name Change (90's Segment)
Gatorland 1 (90's Segment)
Gatorland 2 (90's Segment)
Gatorland 3 (90's Segment)
Implosion (90's Segment)
Kathy McCracken’s Day of Fun (90's Segment)
Looney's Show Selector Procedures (90's Segment)
Mitzi’s Choice (90's Segment)
Morgan Learns a Lesson (90's Segment)
Odysssey Fun World & Magic City (90's Segment)
Pierceaphobia (90's Segment)
Spanish Lessons with Max 1 (90's Segment)
Spanish Lessons with Max 2 (90's Segment)
Stay Out of the Wipeys (90's Segment)
Swimming Cat (90's Segment)
Teriyaki Intro (90's Segment)
Where Do Animated Characters Come From (90's Segment)
World’s Messiest House (90's Segment)
Viva Las Vegas (90's Segment) May 1997
Vogue (90's Segment)
Walk the Dinosaur (90's Segment)
Waterfalls (90's Segment)
The Way She Loves Me (90's Segment)
We Wish You a Merry Christmas (90's Segment)
What It Takes (90's Segment)
When the Lights Go Out (90's Segment)
A Whole New World (90's Segment)
Why Can’t We Be Friends (90's Segment)
Wild, Wild West (90's Segment)
Wind Beneath My Wings (90's Segment)
Winter Wonderland (90's Segment)
Yankee Doodle (90's Segment)
Yellow Polka Dot Bikini (90's Segment)
Loose Wheel (90's Segment)
Loose Wheel / Shaping On Up (90's Segment)
You’re Still the One (90's Segment)
Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah (90's Segment)
50 Ways to Lose Your Blubber (90's Segment)

Thank You / Button Intro Segments

Showtape Segment Has Video? First Known Appearence Day Month Year
Got the Bugs Out (90's Segment)
Junk (90's Segment)
Lights Out (90's Segment)
Made Our Day (90's Segment)
Mandate from the People (90's Segment)
Newsflash (90's Segment)
Not Exactly Fast (90's Segment)
Plum Tickled (90's Segment)
Smart Audience (90's Segment)
Water Under the Bridge (90's Segment)
Sincere Thanks (90's Segment)
Tips (90's Segment)
Button Rap (90's Segment)
Button Roots (90's Segment)
Cream Soda (90's Segment)
Gotcha (90's Segment)
I'm Gonna Shut Up (90's Segment)
Jump Down (90's Segment)
Knock Knock (90's Segment)
Music Goes Round (90's Segment)
Somebody Pressed That Button (90's Segment)
Strange Feeling (90's Segment)
Thank You (90's Segment)
You Pressed My Button (90's Segment)
You Didn't Press The Button Yet (90's Segment)
The Power Blew (Button Intro) (90's Segment)

Karaoke Segments

Showtape Segment Has Video? First Known Appearence Day Month Year
ABC Song (90's Karaoke Segment)
Achy Breaky Heart (90's Karaoke Segment)
All Shook Up (90's Karaoke Segment)
Back Home Again (90's Karaoke Segment)
Better Class Of Losers (90's Karaoke Segment)
Country Boy (90's Karaoke Segment)
Crocodile Rock (90's Karaoke Segment) March 1997
Do Your Ears Hang Low (90's Karaoke Segment)
Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls (90's Karaoke Segment)
Don’t Turn Around (90's Karaoke Segment)
Friends In Low Places (90's Karaoke Segment)
Ghostbusters (90's Karaoke Segment)
Give Me One Reason (90's Karaoke Segment)
Heads Carolina, Tails California (90's Karaoke Segment)
I Can’t Help Myself (90's Karaoke Segment)
I Love You Always Forever (90's Karaoke Segment)
I Swear (90's Karaoke Segment)
I’ll Be There for You (90's Karaoke Segment)
Just A Girl (90's Karaoke Segment)
Leader of the Pack (90's Karaoke Segment)
Let’s Go to Vegas (90's Karaoke Segment)
Little Red Riding Hood (90's Karaoke Segment) March 1997
London Bridge is Falling Down (90's Karaoke Segment)
Love Shack (90's Karaoke Segment)
Lovefool (90's Karaoke Segment)
Lucky One (90's Karaoke Segment)
Mary Had a Little Lamb (90's Karaoke Segment)
Monster Mash (90's Segment)
My Favorite Things (90's Karaoke Segment)
New York, New York (90's Karaoke Segment)
Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da (90's Karaoke Segment)
Okey Dokey Smokey (90's Karaoke Intro)
Old MacDonald (90's Karaoke Segment)
Old Time Rock and Roll (90's Karaoke Segment)
Row Row Row Your Boat (90's Karaoke Segment)
Somewhere Out There (90's Karaoke Segment)
Sweet Home Alabama (90's Karaoke Segment)
The Dance (90's Karaoke Segment)
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (90's Karaoke Segment)
Twist and Shout (90's Karaoke Segment)
Two Princes (90's Karaoke Segment)
Viva Las Vegas (90's Karaoke Segment)
The Way She Loves Me (90's Karaoke Segment)
Yankee Doodle (90's Karaoke Segment)
Yellow Polka Dot Bikini (90's Karaoke Segment)
You Were Meant For Me (90's Karaoke Segment)

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