Choo Choo (Animatronic)

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Choo Choo (Animatronic) 


Release Date: 1980
Manufacturer: Creative Engineering


Choo Choo (Also Munch Jr.) is an animatronic prop figure featured on the Rock-afire Explosion.

It is an extremely simple figure, as its only movement is raising up from his tree stump. On early versions of the Concept Unification Stage, he would also have a spotlight.


Choo Choo featured in Rock-afire Explosion shows first unveiled at ShowBiz Pizza Place locations in 1980.

Choo Choo would later be converted to Munch Jr. during Concept Unification, now resembling a smaller Munch with a propeller cap. Munch Jr. would additionally gain a spotlight used from the original Antioch spotlight. He would later lose his spotlight with the September '94 showtape, as stores were instructed to switch the spotlight out with a gobo light that faced the center stage curtains.

The last Munch Jr. in a store was at the Wilmington, North Carolina location, which would close in October of 2020.


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