Chuck E.'s Laser Challenge

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Chuck E's Laser Challenge seen at the Dallas, TX (13364 Montfort Dr) location.

Chuck E's Laser Challenge was a test attraction produced in 2014 by Funovation that involved navigating through laser beams and hitting Chuck E. Cheese's characters as quickly as possible while breaking as few beams as possible.


During IAAPA 2007, Funovation, an attractions company, debuted their newest attraction called the Laser Maze Challenge. This attraction would be described as “just like in the movies, where players pretend they are a jewel thief and must navigate around a web of lasers to break the security system and capture the prized jewel.” The attraction would be noticed by CEC Entertainment during early/mid 2014, when it would be purchased and tested at 6 locations: Dallas, TX (13364 Montfort Dr), Troy, MI (740 John R Rd), Pasadena, TX (5075 Fairmont Pkwy), Columbus, GA (3201 Macon Rd), Hialeah, FL (3805 W 20th Ave), and Canton, OH (6370 Strip Ave). Eventually, all of the Laser Challenge games would be removed from all locations.


After putting 1 token into the token slot, the player is presented with the option to play as 1 player, or co-op with another player. Once an option is chosen, the player will select 4 difficulties on another panel; easy, medium, hard, and expert, with expert being the hardest difficulty. After a difficulty was chosen, the player is told to enter the maze. The objective of the game would be for the player to navigate the maze and put their hand over different Chuck E. Cheese’s characters while breaking as few beams as possible. Once the game was over, the player would input their name onto a touch screen display to be displayed on a leaderboard with the top 10 players who had the highest scores. A camera was placed inside the maze that would output to a 40” monitor that was placed by the entrance so people could watch as the game would be played.


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