Chuck E.'s Play Pass

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Chuck E.'s Play Pass (also referred to as Chuck E.'s All You Can Play) is a card system at Chuck E. Cheese restaurants, used to play games in the restaurants. Chuck E's Play Pass was first implemented in late 2016, as a replacement for tokens, which had been in use since the chain's founding in 1977. While tokens are still used somewhat, they are only used in coin action games (games in which the way to play is to place a token in the slot and score points.). E-Tickets, introduced in late 2020 during the COVID-19 Pandemic as the replacement to physical paper tickets, are stored on the Play Pass cards as well.





Ways To Play

The way to activate a game using the Play Pass, a player has to tap the Play Pass on the Play Pass reader, located on the game, usually where the token slots used to be. There is a color changing play button that will turn green when the game is activated and will red when there are insufficient Play Points or Play Time has expired.

There are two different ways of playing games with the Play Pass, the first is Play Points, which are a set amount of plays (like tokens), and the second is Play Time, which is a set amount of time (i.e. 30 Minutes, 1 Hour.) with unlimited plays until the time expires.