Chuck E. Cheese's 20th Anniversary Hot Wheels 1997 Pontiac Stocker (1998)

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Chuck E. Cheese's Exclusive 20th Anniversary Pontiac Stocker from 1998. Front View.

The Chuck E. Cheese's 20th Anniversary Hot Wheels 1997 Pontiac Stocker is a Hot Wheels car made exclusively for Chuck E. Cheese locations in 1997-1998. These were sold in the prize counter. These were also sold because of CEC's 20th anniversary, which was in 1997.


Blister Pack Design

The front of the blister pack is designed like a checkerboard and says "Hot Wheels 30 Years 1968-1998" because it was the 30th anniversary of Hot Wheels, it says "Exclusive Edition" in the top left corner, and in the middle has the Chuck E. Cheese's logo from the time, below it, it reads "20th ANNIVERSARY RACE CAR", since CEC's 20th anniversary was the year before, and below that is the car, which is inside some clear plastic, so the car is visible, only the left side is visible, since the card is covering the right side.

The back of the blister pack says, "Chuck E. Cheese's", as well as the "Hot Wheels 30 years 1968-1998" as is on the front, with a picture of Chuck E. in the middle. on the bottom, it has a "Consumer Information" message, and the copyright info says "®️1997 Mattel Inc." where it was made, and trademark info for Pontiac. Strangely, it does not say "Chuck E. Cheese's trademarks used with permission.", as other CEC Hot Wheels cars do. and also says ""NOT FOR USE WITH SOME HOT WHEELS®️ SETS" on the very bottom.

Car Design

The car itself is a red racecar with black and white checkers winding around the sides. Graphics on this car include Chuck E. Cheese's head on the hood of the car, the Chuck E. Cheese's logo on the sides, and the number 20 with Chuck E. Cheese's signature on the roof. Additionally, the wheels are branded with Good Year.