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Chuck E. Cheese's Astrology is an automated astrological sign generator and forecaster created by Destron, Inc. in 1982.

The cabinet has no game functions, and simply has the user put in their quarter, press the desired buttons, and will be printed a generated card specific to their request. The card will include their astrological sign, a random selection of "forecasted events" taking place on the date the player chose, and a lucky number.

The cabinet is a licensed variation of the standard Destron Astrology cabinet, which also debuted in 1982. The cabinet is a continuation of the Destron Bio-Rhythm line, which came in four cabinet types. The Astrology cabinet most resembles the smallest Model 600 line, now with a large vertical sign, and a movement of the coin slot to the front of the cabinet.


Destron Astrology Flyer

The user inserts their quarter to turn on the display. They will be prompted by instructions on the cabinet to type in their birth date, a desired forecast date, and press the start button to begin printing. Due to limited information, and evidence in the Destron Bio-Rhythm manual[1], there may possibly be a speaker on the cabinet that would read these instructions or other info from a speech synthesized voice.

The card would then be printed with auto-generated text. Presumably the text would be the same if the same birth date and desired date were entered again. The printed info would be:

** (Astrology Sign) **
(Illegible text, presumed to be desired date)
BIRTHDATE (Birthdate, MM/DD/YY format)
ELEMENT - (Element)

Centered text displaying "DAILY FORECAST"

(Daily Forecast Message 1)
(Daily Forecast Message 2)
(Daily Forecast Message 3)
(Daily Forecast Message 4)
(Daily Forecast Message 5)
(Daily Forecast Message 6)
(Daily Forecast Message 7)
(Daily Forecast Message 8)
(Daily Forecast Message 9)


The CPU type is unknown, and no ROM dumps are available. Other Destron games of the era used a 6802-based CPU[2], and this game may also use the same but remarked, judging from the 40-pin package and apparent manufacture by AMI.

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Smitty's Super Service Station 1545 Hwy. 48 East, Sandy Hook, MS, 39478 Working(?) Access to location must be requested