Chuck E. Cheese's Circus

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Circus Van seen on eBay in 2022.

Chuck E. Cheese's Circus is a coin-operated Amutec Kiddie Ride featuring Chuck E. Cheese branding.

The van is the standard Amutec 'Circus Van' vehicle in its yellow variant, with the large 'Circus' sticker replaced with a CEC variant. No other parts of the ride were changed.

Animal Display

The right side of the van featured a small display of caged plush animals behind bars and a plastic screen. It is unclear whether the PTT version ever replaced these standard plushies with PTT branded plushies. Stores on their own possibly changed out the plushies, as seen with one at an unknown location using 90's Chuck E. Cheese plushies inside the cage.

eBay Listing

The only listing of this item was put on Craigslist in the first week of 2022, in which it was then relisted on eBay by cointechtexas[1] on January 6, 2022.[2] It was listed for $695 as “used and working. Fair to poor condition.” Only local pickup from Grand Prairie, Texas was provided. The van originally came from Interskate Roller Rink in Lewisville, Texas.

The description read:

This is a used Chuck E Cheese's Circus Van Coin Operated Kiddie Kiddy Ride. It works but has some condition issues. The decals are pealing, and the head light plastics are broke. There are small chips in the fiberglass and the paint is not perfect. On the side used to be jail bars making an animal cage that had either circus animals or maybe other members from the CEC showbiz showtime pizza time players Band. Could be restored?  Located in Grand Prairie Texas 75050 for pick up from a commercial easy load address. I will assist with shipping, but you book, you pay, and you insure at your risk.


Owners / Locations

Location / Owner Address Condition Notes
cointechtexas Working, Poor Last seen being sold on eBay.
CEC West Monroe Monroe, LA (3731 Pecanland Mall Dr) Working
Unknown CEC Location[3] ??? Working Holds plushes from the 90's inside