Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza Factory

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Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza Factory 


Release Date: 1999
Manufacturer: Wham-O


Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza Factory is an Easy-Bake Oven styled pizza maker released in 1999.

The product was made by Wham-O and stayed in production for an undetermined amount of time. A similar product, Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza Maker Play Set, would show up later using Avenger Chuck's design, being made by EZ-2 Make.


The product would come with the oven, which had a storage shelf built into its side, along with two pizza trays, a claw to grab the trays out of the oven, a plastic pizza cutter, and four Chuck E. Cheese's tokens. No pizza ingredients were included, requiring the purchase of Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza Factory Refills. These refills would be enough to make two pizzas, though also came with 10 free Chuck E. Cheese's tickets inside.

The ingredients included were referred to as:

  • Scrumptious Sauce Packets
  • Super-Duper Dough Packets
  • Zippy Cheese Packets
  • Tasty Pepperoni Packet


Two variations of an ad were put on TV around the time. One starting with "How much cheese can you put on a Chuck E. Cheese pizza?", and the other with "Wanna make Chuck E. Cheese pizza?".