Chuck E. Cheese's Show 4 2020

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Chuck E. Cheese's Show 4 2020

Release Date: November 3, 2020

Released On:

DVD (Cyberamics)
DVD (3-Stage)
DVD + Floppy (Studio C)
USB + MicroSD (Studio C)

Show 4 2020 is the holiday show released November 3, 2020 featuring a variety of holiday songs released from 2014 - 2019

This was created to play during the "Winter Winner-Land". This show played from November 3, 2020 - January 3, 2021. It features 7 Songs all being reused and a live modified from 2019 to enforce Covid guidelines.


File Dates

(CEC Stage) DVD: 10/31/20 7:01pm - 7:04pm

Show List:

  1. Intermission 1
    1. Social Distancing Message
    2. Chuck E. & Helen Winter Winner-Land Spot
    3. Idina Menzel - "We Wish You the Merriest" ft. Josh Gad
  2. Skit 1
    1. Chuck E. & Friends - "Cookies For Santa"
  3. Intermission 2
    1. Winter Winner-Land Food & Masks Promo
    2. KIDZ BOP Kids - "Santa Tell Me"
    3. Brady Rhymer - "Hanukah Rocks"
  4. Skit 2
    1. Helen Henny - "All I Want for Christmas is Snow"
  5. Intermission 3
    1. Social Distancing Message
    2. Holiday Jokes from Pasqually
    3. Asher Angel - "Snow Globe Wonderland"
  6. Skit 3
    1. Bella B. - "Holiday Fiesta"
  7. Intermission 4
    1. Chuck E. & Munch Winter Winner-Land Spot
    2. KIDZ BOP Kids - "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)
    3. Holiday Musings with Mr. Munch
  8. Skit 4
    1. Mr. Munch - "Zorp-Ah-Dorp-Dor-Blah is Coming Tonight"
  9. Intermission 5
    1. The Winter Winner Dance (Every Hour on the Thirty)
    2. Social Distancing Message
    3. Brad Rhymer - "Can't Sit Still"
    4. Taylor Swift - "Christmas Tree Farm"
  10. Skit 5
    1. Jasper T. Jowls - "Snowman"
  11. Intermission 6
    1. Winter Winner-Land Food & Masks Promo
    2. HiDino - "Adventure through the Snow"
    3. The Supremes - "My Favorite Things"
  12. Skit 6
    1. Chuck E. & Helen - "Merry Christmastime"
  13. Intermission 7
    1. Social Distancing Message
    2. Chuck E. & Pasqually Winter Winner-Land Spot
    3. KIDZ BOP Kids - "Little Saint Nick"
  14. Skit 7
    1. Pasqually - "What Do You Get a Sasquatch for Christmas?"
  15. Intermission 8
    1. HiDino - "The Snow Song"
    2. Leslie Odom Jr - "Please Come Home for Christmas"
    3. Juicebox Jukebox - "Questions for Santa"
  16. Skit 8
    1. Chuck E. & Friends - "Holiday Medley"
      1. Jingle Bells
      2. Jolly Old St. Nicholas
      3. I Have a Little Dreidel
      4. Up On The Housetop
      5. Deck the Halls
      6. We Wish You a Merry Christmas

Live Shows:

  • Birthday Show (Live at Home) (3stage, Cyberamic, Studio C,Weigl)
  • Birthday Show (Spanish) (3stage, Cyberamic, Studio C, Weigl)
  • Winner Wonder Dance Live (3stage, Cyberamic, Studio C, Weigl)

Showtape Scans / Images:

Official Releases


  • "Cookies For Santa", "Holiday Fiesta" and "Zorp-Ah-Dorp-Dor-Blah is Coming Tonight" are originally from Show 5 2019, "Snowman" and "What Do You Get a Sasquatch for Christmas?" from Holiday 2014 and "Merry Christmastime" and "Holiday Medley" from Show 9 2016
  • Snowman had Helens voice replaced with Carolina Richardsons and removed the line "What American dog doesn't love to frolic in the snow"
  • Holiday Medley was redone to appear as a video call along with adding Bella onto the footage. The lines "In this Winter Winner-Land" Were added to the start. The footage shows six squares one for each character with photoshopped backdrops. Despite Bella being added onto the footage Bella does not have any vocals added.
  • Various parts of Winner Wonder Dance were changed due to covid regulations such as adding the line "Spread out at least six feet apart, follow me ho ho ho!" changing the line "Let's all get together, Come on and take my hand" to "It looks like snowy weather, It makes me feel so grand" another line that was changed was "High Five your friends!" which was changed to "Wave to your friends!" Along with that any mention of the "Ticket Splash" was removed at the end of the song.
  • The footage for Winner Wonder Dance was reshot instead of being filmed at the Plano, TX location due to Social Distancing Standards. The video was filmed at a Soundstage having Chuck and his "Backup Dancers" each in separate shoots.