Chuck E. Cheese's Show 5 2021

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Chuck E. Cheese's Show 5 2021

Release Date: November 15, 2021

Released On:

DVD (Cyberamics)
DVD (3-Stage)
DVD + Floppy (Studio C)
USB + MicroSD (Studio C)

Show 5 2021 was the holiday show originally released on November 15, 2021 and was played through January 2, 2022. The show was creation in conjunction with the Winter-Winnerland promotion.

This show features seven Holiday songs, of which two were new and five reused. Additionally, a new live show, "Chuck E.'s Yuletide Slide", was introduced in this show.

Corrected Version

The initial DVD release for Studio C had pacing and timing issues, causing signals not be synced up with the audio and video. A fixed DVD, labeled "Corrected Version", was sent out two days later on November 17, 2021.

Show List:

  1. Intermission 1
    1. Safety Message
    2. Winter Winner-Land Host Spot 1 (Chuck E. & Helen)
    3. Disney Channel Stars - “Put the Happy in the Holidays”
  2. Skit 1
    1. Chuck E. & Friends - “The Holiday Party”
  3. Intermission 2
    1. Winter Winner-Land Menu Spot
    2. HiDino - “The Snow Song”
    3. Ryan’s World Fan Fest Watch Party
  4. Skit 2
    1. Helen Henny - “All I Want for Christmas is Snow”
  5. Intermission 3
    1. Safety Message
    2. Holiday Musing with Mr. Munch
    3. Ella Fitzgerald - “Frosty the Snowman”
  6. Skit 3
    1. Bella B. & Chuck E. - “Holiday Fiesta”
  7. Intermission 4
    1. Winter Winner-Land Host Spot 2 - (Chuck E. & Munch)
    2. KIDZ BOP Kids - “Let It Snow”
    3. Tails of Friendship - “Munch’s first Christmas”
  8. Skit 4
    1. Munch & Munch - “The Windowsill”
  9. Intermission 5
    1. Safety Message
    2. Brady Rhymer - “Hanukkah Rocks”
    3. Idina Menzel - “We Wish You the Merriest”
  10. Skit 5
    1. Chuck E., Jingle & Jangle - “Holiday Traditions”
  11. Intermission 6
    1. Every Kid’s a Winner Spot
    2. HiDino - “Adventure Through the Snow”
    3. Daveed Diggs - “Puppy for Hanukkah”
  12. Skit 6
    1. Chuck E. & Helen - “Merry Christmastime”
  13. Intermission 7
    1. Safety Message
    2. Winter Winner-Land Host Spot 3 (Chuck E. & Pasqually)
    3. KIDZ BOP Kids & Barbie - “Deck The Halls”
    4. Ryan’s World Galaxy Explorers
  14. Skit 7
    1. Chuck E. & Friends - “Holiday Medley”
      1. Jingle Bells
      2. Jolly Old St. Nicholas
      3. I Have a Little Dreidel
      4. Up On The Housetop
      5. Deck the Halls
      6. We Wish You a Merry Christmas
  15. Intermission 8
    1. The Juicebox Jukebox -Thankful”
    2. Asher Angel - “Snow Globe Wonderland”
    3. YouTube and Music Streaming Spot

Live Shows:

  • Birthday Show (3stage, Cyberamic, Studio C, Weigl)
  • Birthday Show (Spanish) (3stage, Cyberamic, Studio C, Weigl)
  • Birthday Show (Live at Home) (3stage, Cyberamic, Studio C,Weigl)
  • Chuck E.'s Yuletide Slide (3stage, Cyberamic, Studio C,Weigl)
  • Chuck E.'s Winter Wonder Dance (Studio C, Weigl)
  • Happy Holiday Dance (New Countdown) (Studio C, Weigl)
  • Me & My Friends (Holiday) (New Countdown) (Studio C, Weigl)
  • Holly Jolly Dance (New Countdown) (Studio C, Weigl)

Showtape Scans / Images:

Official Releases


  • Chuck E. & Friends - “The Holiday Party” was written by Eric Neal as a request from Matt Daniel. Neal, enjoying old school hip-hop, created the song in a similar vein to "So What'Cha Want" by the Beastie Boys.
  • Munch & Munch - “The Windowsill” was also written by Matt Daniel as a new Munch song. The song was a nod to Baby It's Cold Outside. Matt Daniel's idea for the song was for Munch to struggle with his conscience in song, an idea that he had been considering for several years. A member of the entertainment department eventually came up with theming the song around the holidays, and with a new Munch puppet being created around the same time, Matt went ahead with the creation of the song.
  • On the DVD Menu for the Munch's Make Believe Band set up, it reads "Show 5, 2020" instead of "Show 5, 2021".
  • Hidden at the end of the Studio C SD copy of Show 5, 2021 is a slowed down and reversed clip of "Merry Christmastime". The purpose of the clip is in regards to Timecodes; this is done so that each show's total length will be the same.
  • The I-Drive (7419 International Dr, Orlando, FL) store played the show four days early for its 2.0 remodel opening.