Chuck E. Cheese Pencil Pouch (1991)

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Chuck E. Cheese Pencil Pouch (1991) 


Release Date: 1991
Removal Date: 1995


Label:Chuck E. Cheese
Label:©1991 ShowBiz Pizza Time, Inc.

The Chuck E. Cheese Pencil Pouch was a prize counter item released in 1991.


The item is a hot pink plastic pouch with three storage areas: a top zipper pouch, a front zipped pouch, and a pocket on the front held in with a snap.

The zippers are light blue, and the pocket snap is a deeper blue. The pocket has the Chuck E. Cheese logo written in red on it. A print of Chuck E. is placed next to the pouch, being of him laying down and drawing. He is drawing with red- and yellow-colored pencils and crayons. He is wearing a Pizza Time Theatre derby, a red and yellow striped shirt, red shorts, and red sneakers.