Chuck E. Cheese and Friends Party Cookbook

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Chuck E. Cheese and Friends Party Cookbook 


Price: $22.90
Release Date: March 19, 2024
Manufacturer: Weldon Owen


Dimensions: 8 x 0.35 x 10 inches
Color: Yellow, Purple
Pages: 128
Weight: 14.4 ounces

The Chuck E. Cheese and Friends Party Cookbook is an upcoming cookbook releasing in stores on March 19, 2024.[1]

The book would be authored by Weldon Owen, whom had previously made many cookbooks- alongside licensed ones such as for the Peanuts and Barbie brands.[2]


Preorders would begin appearing on various book sellers in mid-August of 2023, which would be spotted on August 18th.[3][1][4]

The cover would be uploaded some time before November 3rd, alongside more product details.[5]

Official Description

Chuck E. Cheese and his friends are throwing a party – and you’re invited! In this fun, all-ages cookbook, Chuck E. can’t wait for you to see the recipes – and parties! – he and his friends have in store.

Get ready to eat and dance the day away! In the Chuck E. Cheese and Friends Party Cookbook, the gang has fun and tasty parties they want to share with you. From Chuck E.’s Game Night party to Jasper T. Jowls’ Howlin’ Hootenanny and Helen Henny’s All-day Breakfast Sleepover, there’s a party for every occasion!

Each party is chock full of delicious, themed recipes – from tasty Vamples for your next Halloween party and French toast dippers for your kid’s slumber party, to a Bella’s favorite quesadilla pizza from her Festive Fiesta, and more! Accompanying the recipes are fun games, jokes, links to vid Share some of Pasqually’s hilarious jokes, listen to DJ Munch’s remix of “Chuck E.’s Happy Dance,” or cut loose with the spring sensation that’s sweeping the nation, the “Spring Break Breakdance.”

With great party ideas and delicious recipes that the whole family can pitch in to help make, the Chuck E. Cheese and Friends Party Cookbook will help make your kid’s next celebration one to remember!

THE PERFECT GIFT for kids of all ages, especially aspiring young chefs.

BRING CHUCK E. CHEESE TO YOU: With dozens of fun, tasty, easy-to-make recipes and QR codes to interactive videos, get all the fun of a Chuck E. Cheese without ever leaving home!

FOR THE FANS: Whether your favorite character is Munch or Helen Henny, the Chuck E. Cheese and Friends Party Cookbook features each and every rockin’ character from Chuck E.’s awesome crew.

DOZENS OF RECIPES: From pizzas to milkshakes, Southern food to Spanish food, from breakfast, to dessert, this cookbook will have a recipe kids will love![1]