Chuck E. Hoops

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Chuck E. Hoops can be found in Chuck E. Cheese locations, These machines usually are located next to Alley Roller and are most typically found in a pair of 2, Upon activating this game. A varying number of basketballs will be dispensed from the hood in front of the player to be tasked with being shot into a hoop that is located at a distance in front of the player. The player is tasked to shoot as many goals as possible, A varying number of tickets will be awarded to the player depending on the score.


Chuck E. Hoops appears as a re-colored version of Super Shot, the metal cage preventing balls from hitting neighboring games is painted black as well with the side covers, The front board that lets the player choose multiplayer or single player is CEC Branded, it depicts Chuck E. Appearing to make a shot with a Basketball while sporting Basketball Attire.