Chuck E Cheese April 2004 Show

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Chuck E Cheese April 2004 Show

Release Date: April 2004

Released On:

SVHS (3-Stage)
SVHS (R12 '93+)
DVD + Floppy (Studio C)

Chuck E. Cheese April 2004 Show was a show that released in April 2004 and ran through June 2004.

This show featured 4 segments with 8 songs and was the last show produced with Jeremy Blaido as director.

Show Tape:

  1. Segment 1
    1. "Help!"
    2. "Can't Buy Me Love"
  2. Intermission 1
    1. CEC TV ID - "Sunrise"
    2. VeggieTales - "The Hairbrush Song"
    3. 3 Minute Countdown
    4. CEC TV ID - "Marx Bros"
  3. Segment 2
    1. "First Impression"
    2. "Just Being Me"
  4. Intermission 2
    1. CEC TV ID - "Pool Plug"
    2. Super Jasper - "Arm Wrestling"
    3. 3 Minute Countdown
    4. CEC TV ID - "Abstract"
  5. Segment 3
    1. "Dreamin'"
    2. "Rockin' Grandma"
  6. Intermission 3
    1. CEC TV ID - "Parachute"
    2. VeggieTales - "I Love My Lips"
    3. 3 Minute Countdown
    4. CEC TV ID - "Couch"
  7. Segment 4
    1. "Eight Days A Week"
    2. "All You Need Is Love"
  8. Intermission 4
    1. CEC TV ID - "Marquee"
    2. Baking With Betty - "Baking With Joyce"
    3. CEC TV ID - "Haircut"


During this time Lives would be on seperate VHS tapes for MMBB based stores.

Birthday Break: CEC Show logo with music set to a 1 minute, 2 minute countdown. This would then lead into the Birthday show.

Showtape Scans / Images:


Filming Locations:


  • Jeremy Blaido - Director, Show Announcer, Jasper T. Jowls Voice Actor
  • Duncan Brannan - Chuck E. Cheese Voice Actor
  • Annagrey Wiechman - Helen Henny Voice Actor
  • John Bowen - Munch Voice Actor
  • Earl Fisher - Pasqually Voice Actor
  • Robert Gotcher - Production Manager
  • Matt Daniel - Production Coordinator
  • Sammy Davenport - Music Director

File Dates

  • (Studio C) DVD: 3/22/2004


  • This is the first Studio C show where the puppets appear only during the dialogue portions in-between songs.
  • Chuck's curtains close during "Can't Buy Me Love" on Studio C.
  • The diagonal line for the backgrounds of the Studio C puppets is in the opposite direction (starting in the upper left and going down to the bottom right) instead of the usual direction (upper right going down to the bottom left).
  • Starting with this show the Helen puppet wears a new outfit. While it's still the purple cheerleading outfit she's been sporting since April 2003, this one is custom made for the puppet whereas the previous one was the same one worn by the walk-around.
  • This show's episode of "Baking With Betty" features a reference to the infamous Howard Dean scream.
  • The shot of Pasqually at the beginning of "Baking with Betty" is reused from the "Trail Mix" episode from the January 2001 show.
  • This is the final show of the Avenger era to feature new episodes of "Super Jasper" and "Baking with Betty".
  • The classic MTV style CEC TV ID that plays at the end of segment 2 has new music.
  • Both "VeggieTales" intermissions are reused from Dance Party 1999
  • The 3 Minute Countdowns in intermissions 1 and 2 reuse music from the August 1997 Show.