Chuck Statue- Musician (Shelf Item)

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Chuck Statue- Musician (Shelf Item) 


Release Date: 1994-1995
Final Release: 1999-2000
Manufacturer: Peeler Rose Productions


Color: Black, Green, Gray, Peach, Red

The Chuck Statue- Musician was a Artifact Shelves item created for Chuck E. Cheese's locations around 1994-1995.


The statue would be produced by Peeler Rose Productions[1] for the 1990s Major Remodel around 1994-1995, alongside the Tux, Director, Coach, Baseball, Football, Hockey, Basketball, Cowboy, and Liberace statues. All the statues shared the same head and hands.

The statues were produced with a multitude of materials. The body was a single block of wood glued to a wooden square base- with a half cut egg-shaped section of Styrofoam hot glued to the front stomach area.

The shoes were also smaller half-cut Styrofoam eggs on the front, and a half-sphere for the back, with spandex hot glued on top of them. The arms were metal wires stuffed with fiber fill stuffing and encased in the outer clothing layer, all hot glued together.

The head was a molded piece of hard plastic set on top of the body frame, which can be easily removed. The hands were also molded plastic. Both were painted with cel vinyl paints.


Production pictures of the statue heads and hands unpainted or without teeth have been found.


In the original release to stores, the shoes were Styrofoam with hot glued spandex. Some time late within the production of the figure, the shoes would switch to shiny molded plastic much like the hands and head. Very few plastic shoe variants exist compared to Styrofoam shoes.


The statue is Chuck E. Cheese wearing black nondescript shoes, jeans, a green shirt, a black jacket, and a red paisley bandana headwrap. His arms are posable to be in a multitude of positions.

The statue came with no instrument, but a multitude of stores and second-hand buyers outfitted theirs with toy and miniature instruments to hold.