Cincinnati, OH (9712 Colerain Ave)

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Cincinnati, OH (9712 Colerain Ave) was a Pizza Time Theatre location running from June 1982 till October 4, 1983. This location is one of the shortest known running Pizza Time Theatre stores, only being open for 16 months. No pictures or videos have ever surfaced of this location.


Opened with the Balcony featuring Harmony which was then replaced one month later with Madame Oink. Then in August 1983 gained Helen which they would have for only 2 months. The store would then close that October and would auction off everything inside. The whereabouts of these bots, and anything inside now is completely unknown.


The Colerain Pizza Time Theatre opened in June 1982 in a shopping plaza across the street from the Northgate Mall. This location featured much alike from the location in Cassinelli Square not too long away. This store, not being so popular during opening, closed on October 4th, 1983. This makes it one of the very few Pizza Time Theatre locations to close before the 1984 bankruptcy. The building it was in is now currently a Half-Price Books.