Concept Unification Installation Training Tape

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Concept Unification Installation Training Tape

Release Date: December 1, 1991
Length: 23:02
Label:991-0101-91 (C) S.P.T. Inc. CU INSTALLATION TRAINING TAPE Serial #2888 Deck - 3 12/01/91 - Master #5

Released On:

The Concept Unification Installation Tape was a 1991 training tape sent with the Concept Unification package as a visual medium for demonstrating the Concept Unification Process.


The video shows the Concept Unification process step-by-step. Most of the video is comprised of reference clips showing what the stage should look like as the steps are being performed.

The video covers:

  • Removal of RAE stage props
  • Temporary disconnection of air lines
  • Temporary disconnection of valves
  • Removal of RAE cosmetics (excluding Rolfe and Earl)
  • Removal of character mechs (excluding Rolfe and Earl)
  • Removal of RAE canvas backdrop and carpet
  • Modifications to stage to accommodate CU setup
  • Installation of MMBB stage props
  • Reinstallation of character mechs
  • Reconnection of air lines and valves
  • Installation of MMBB cosmetics
  • Removal of remaining Rolfe and Earl stage props and cosmetics
  • Installation of Chuck E. cosmetics, star and remaining elements



  • The tape uses four stock music tracks throughout its duration.
    • "Galadriel" and "Cascade", from the album "Spyro Gyra", published by Spyro Gyra.
    • "Port Of Mystery", from the album "Keys To Imagination", published by Yanni.
    • "Bright Lights", from the album "Fast Forward", published by Spyro Gyra and Jeff Beckenstein