Country Klunk (Event)

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Store Appearances

Map of confirmed Klunk installations for this event.

Map of confirmed Klunk installations for this event.Two stores are confirmed to have hosted the event, though it is unknown if Kedzie received a traveling Klunk, or obtained one from Farmington Hills, MI (29955 Orchard Lake Rd) with all the other animatronics they obtained from their closure.

Six stores are inferred to have held this event due to hosting the Santa On Stage Show 1984 event.

Unconfirmed Stores

Due to evidence that Chicago, IL (5030 S Kedzie Ave) installed their sign mech for Country Klunk in 1985, a store that wasn't open until November 1, 1984, stores that have sign mechs installed do not confirm whether they had received Klunk in 1983, or at a later time. These stores are currently unconfirmed due to this:

Two stores had some sort of Klunk part discovered at their location. Springfield with Klunk valves, and Davenport with a Klunk arm. This confirms Klunk was present at their store at some point, but it is unknown which event(s) he was used in. Davenport does mention potentially receiving a Klunk for 1983 however.[6]